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About Vannak
Vannak Anan Prum was lured to Thailand by the promise of a lucrative job, but instead was deceived by a labor broker. He was forced to work on a Thai fishing boat from 2005 to 2009 in slave-like conditions, never receiving a salary. During this time he was mistreated, starved, and tortured. Vannak finally escaped when the boat was anchored off Malaysian Borneo. In Malaysia, he was sold by corrupt officials to a palm oil plantation. After several months of forced labor on the plantation, an altercation with another worker landed him in detention. With the help of Malaysian and Cambodian human rights NGOs, Vannak was repatriated to Cambodia. Since then, Vannak has been committed to ending human trafficking and has worked to raise awareness on human trafficking through a series of drawings that recreate his experiences. These drawings bear witness to Vannak's ordeal, and to the lives of others whose voices have been silenced. Vannak wants to be an artist. Vannak lives with his wife and children.
A sponsorship of US$4,000 was raised at FETE, EmancipAsia's fundraising gala in
July 2012 in Singapore.
The purpose of this sponsorship is to provide art lessons, art material, Vannak's food, lodging and subsistence allowance for his family in the village. This sponsorship will develop Vannak's skills to allow him to make a living with his talent.

In early November 2012, Vannak began his art classes at Phare Ponleu Selpak, Social Center and Art School in Battambang, Cambodia.

Vannak was there for a month before moving to Phnom Penh where he is now attending a one to one class with Mr. Vichet, an artist/teacher recommended by World Vision, Cambodia. Because of Vannak's background/experience and the fact that he can already draw, this arrangement is recommended so that he gets better interaction with and direct coaching from the teacher. Mr. Vichet has put together a programme for him, which brings him through the different types of art/painting etc. Vannak is very happy with Mr. Vichet. As both Vannak and Vichet do not speak English, I am fortunate to have found Ms. Elle who is the volunteer translator. She is fantastic and helps me to do some running around and liaison work in Cambodia!
Expenses in Battambang USD 257 Nov 2012
Expenses in Phnom Penh USD 1,769 Dec 2012, Jan & Feb 2013
Total till end February 2013 USD 2,026  

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